2013 Sturgeon Regulations — MN DNR

Info on Lake Sturgeon Harvest which opens on April 24th, taken from the MN DNR online 2013 regulation handbook:


Lake sturgeon tags and mail-in registration cards are required for anyone* who wishes to harvest and possess a lake sturgeon. The following requirements apply:

  • An angler may take and possess only one lake sturgeon per calendar year.
  • Lake sturgeon may not be possessed or transported without a tag. Validate and attach the tag immediately upon reducing the fish to possession.
  • Tag must be attached to the narrow portion of the body in front of the tail fin. Tags must be attached so that they cannot be easily removed.
  • Tags are not transferable and no duplicate tags will be issued.
  • Registration cards must be completed and mailed within 48 hours after harvesting a fish. Send to: Regional Fisheries, 2115 Birchmont Beach Rd NE, Bemidji, MN 56601.
  • Lake sturgeon must be transported intact (gills and internal organs may be removed).
  • Members of a fishing party may not take sturgeon for other anglers’ limits. Note: Catch-and-Release can be done where seasons are open with only a valid fishing license.

* Including those otherwise exempt from angling license requirements.


Lake Sturgeon Season Dates

All calendar dates refer to 2013 unless noted otherwise.

April 24-May 7 and 1 per calendar year.

July 1-Sept. 30
(Fish must be 45-50″, inclusive, or over 75″.)
Immediately upon reducing a fish to possession, you must validate and attach your sturgeon tag.
Harvested sturgeon must be registered within 48 hours.

May 8-May 15 and Oct. 1, 2013-April 23, 2014
Catch-and-release only. (No tag needed)

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