Fishing Report: 12-16

Good afternoon fishermen!

We’re having a heat wave! It is nearly 15 degrees ABOVE zero right now, with a bit of light snow. I feel like I could run around in a pair of shorts and a light sweater! 

We have been getting some great fishing reports from the last week and half! Anywhere from 30-100+ fish a day! (Most I’ve heard is 250.) I’ve also heard that when they do start biting, it is hard to have both your lines in the water, as you just can’t keep up! Gold, red, and white jigs seem to be the color of choice right now. They are fishing primarily in 19-26 feet of water. There are a lot of houses situated about a mile or so off of Pine Island. People are also having some luck near Zippel Bay and also over by Morris.

As of now they are only allowing snowmobiles and ATV’s out. We aren’t expecting truck traffic until after Christmas. On the lake there is anywhere from 12-14″ of ice, and on the Bay, 10-11″. If you do drive your ATV out, and want to go off trail at all, it is advised that you put chains on.

Give us a call, 1-800-448-9260, for up to date ice conditions and fishing reports, and also call over to Adrian’s Resort, 218-634-1985, and check their ice road conditions.

Good luck out there, and stay safe!

Here is a nice chart that explains common fish behavior in different weather conditions and barometric pressure changes.

Baro Table 1

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