Fishing Report: 1-27

Good afternoon fishermen!

We are cold. Very, very cold. But it is warm in our bombadiers and fish houses!

This past weekend was a toss up for the fishermen/fisherwomen on Lake of the Woods. Some people complained the bite was horrible, while others were very excited with the fish they caught. I received tons of pictures of slot fish. (See our “Fish Pictures” album here on Facebook.) Currently we are in 32 feet of water, 8 miles out on the Canadian line. Like I said, there were a lot of slot fish caught this weekend. Walleyes are biting off the bottom, as well as sauger and perch. Pink and gold jigs, glow jigs, and Jiggin’ Raps, seem to be the ticket right now, tipped with a whole live minnow. I talked to a group of guys who headed up near Garden Island at Starren Shoals on sleds this weekend, and they did very very well. We will be trying to make our way up towards Knights and Bridges next week sometime.

We just had four cabins open up for the weekend of February 6th-8th, so if you are looking for lodging during that time, give us a call! These cabins will go quick, so don’t wait too long!

We will be getting a fishing video out this week, so keep an eye out for that!

Picture is of Jennifer Raschke’s aunt (name unknown), after she caught a 28″ walleye on jigging stick, hand over hand.


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