Fishing Report 2-17-13

Greetings fishermen!

We finally got a bunch of the white stuff! A winter storm is blowing through as we speak! Be careful if you plan on traveling!

Fishing picked up a little bit this past week. If you’re fishing the mud flats, it seems to be more productive during the midday. Use gold, glow colors, white and the pink. Fish out deep (30-34′), and you may have to move your house around to find the fish. You will probably have to sift through some small fish to get to the keepers, but that is just a great sign for fishing next year! If you’re fishing the reefs, find a spot 30-34 feet, on the gravel. Use a small presentation in gold or glow colors. The Lindy Flyer and small glow buckshots are also doing well.
We have seen quite a number of nice northern pike. These can be caught right out in front of Wigwam in Four Mile Bay, and anywhere along the shore in five to eight feet of water. So bring along your tip ups and get ready to pull up some great pike!

We still have plenty of room during the midweek! We also have some great midweek specials you should check out on our website! Give us a call to book your fishing vacation now!


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