Fishing Report 4-1-13 VIDEO!

Greetings fishermen!

I saw a beautiful thing on my way into work today…a truck pulling a BOAT and not a fish house! We have had some warm weather, although, today the temperature is quite chilly, and below freezing. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up again, and just get warmer and warmer from there.

Even though Wigwam pulled all of our houses off the lake, people are still heading up to Lake of the Woods to ice fishs. The warm weather we had this past weekend left the ice roads with something to be desired, though. Slush, deep melting snow, and big trucks pulling big fish houses made traveling a bit more difficult than it has been. A few guests came in after getting off the ice, and needed a stiff drink and some solid ground to unwind from the drive in.

There were some good fishing days, and some bad fishing days this past week. Some people did really well, and some people didn’t do well at all. One group I talked with said they came in shallow, 17 FOW, at about 5 o’clock, and just slayed them. Caught their limit in about an hour and a half.

Now is the time to get out there and do some tip up fishing for northern pike. The weather is beautiful, the sun has been shining, and people have been hauling giant gators up and out of the ice! Stay shallow, between 4 and 10 FOW, and bring both live and dead bait, although live has seemed to do much better lately. Remember, bring your sunscreen! I saw more than a few raccoon eyes on fishermen this weekend!

There have been boats fishing the Rainy! Birchdale opened up just enough for some boats to be able to scoot their small boats over the shore ice and into the water! I’ve heard they are doing quite well out there too. One person I talked to had a 26″, a 27″ and a 29″ walleye in the few hours that he was out there!

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