Ice on Four Mile Bay

12/4/12 — The warmer temps a few days ago did not do us any favors as far as moving the ice thickness ahead but it did melt the snow which serves as an insulator and only makes weak ice. Today we reached 20 degrees  but we had cold northwest winds so we made ice! Reports today say 4″ to 6″ of ice on Four Mile Bay so you can travel by foot if you want to venture out but caution to 4 wheelers right now. Colder temps should prove helpful but remember that different areas of the bay and lake can produce different thicknesses of ice. The big lake opened up with the warmer temps and coupled with the strong winds, created rough areas  with some thin ice areas. Moving ahead to the weekend with much lower temps, Wigwam should be on target to take their first guests out on December 10th. We will use trackers and people haulers — no heavy vehicles. Follow us on Facebook and check back late Wednesday as Tom is going out again tomorrow to update status.
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