Fishing Report 3-4-13

Greetings Fishermen!

We have had some weather changes the past couple of days, and the fishing has slowed a little bit, but we are still catching them! Your best bet is to find some structure to fish on. We are doing this with our houses out near the Bridges Island Reefs. We are at around 29-31 feet out there. Pink with gold seems to be the best colors, as does anything that glows! Minnow heads or whole minnows are doing the trick. If you have them, your electronics will prove very useful! 

If you are fishing the mud flats, its still spotty, but there are fish out there! You just have to find them. Venture around and drill holes in a few spots until you find a good bite. Fishing deep seems to be the best right now, 30-32 feet of water. Whole minnows, small jigs, anything that glows. Again, your electronics will help in the search. You will probably catch quite a number of small ones, but remember that is a good sign for next year!

Good luck to all you anglers out there!

Don’t forget our ice out contest:

“The ice on Lake of the Woods is still in great shape but would you venture to guess when it is going out? When Four Mile Bay goes out, Wigwam’s houses will be coming off the lake in a hurry. Guess what day Wigwam will pull all their houses and you could be a winner! Know that we will leave them out for as long as it is safe. Just send your guess along with your name, address, and phone number to and you could win one of 3 Wigwam gift cards- $100, $75 and $50 cards are being given away! Put “Ice Out” as the subject line. In the event of multiple guesses for the winning day, those names will go into a drawing for first, second and third place. Deadline for entries is March 10th, so send yours today!”

Picture is a compilation of Casey Sondeland’s group from North Dakota from this past weekend. They fished up on the reefs with us!


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