January 14, 2013

Today is another cold day. Currently, we are sitting at 1 degree above zero. The wind chill is 11 below zero, and the wind is blowing SSW at 7 mph. The barometric pressure is sitting at 28.0, and it isn’t expected to move much.

Fishing slowed down a bit with the extreme change in temperature we experienced the past few days. There was an 80 degree swing in a matter of a few days! Our houses are still out in deeper water, 34+ feet. People have been having luck with Macho Minnows, Jiggin’ Raps, JR’s Scoobie Snacks (pink and green were working for me), glow colors and just plain hooks. The fish aren’t flying out the holes by any means, but we are expecting it to pick up with some stable weather.

On that note, I have included a picture of a table that describes what can happen to fishing trends with barometric pressure changes. Remember, 30.0 inHg is a normal level, and a change of of just +/- 0.02 inHg can have an affect on the feeding habits of fish. Hope it is helpful!

Baro Table


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