January 28th, 2013


Greetings Fishermen!

Even with the expected snow later, it’s a beautiful day out there! 27 degrees ABOVE zero! The weather forecast for the rest of the week is looking to be really cold again though, and will dip down below zero again through the weekend.

We’ve recently moved some of our houses out to the reefs! Fishing on this structure was definitely beneficial to the bite! If our guests opt to pay the extra fuel charge to haul them the 24 miles out to the reefs, we will do that, and they will not be disappointed! Back in the mud flats, the fishing continues to be a bit slow. People are catching them, just not fast and furious. They seem to be sluggish, playing with the bait and biting soft. Be patient and persistent, and you will fill your bucket, but it won’t be effortless! In both the reefs and the flats, glow colors are working the best, as well as whole, live minnows.


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