May 4th Satellite Image & Opener Weather Report

Good morning fishermen!

It’s a pretty mild day, today, considering what kind of weather we have been having. The water is glassy, and there is a little bit of a mist. It’s still pretty chilly, 40 degrees right now, but we are headed for a high of 52, and that sounds pretty darn nice!

We are so excited for walleye opener this Saturday! As of right now, the weather for Saturday says a high of 62 with a 30% chance of rain, and winds South at 9 mph. That’s the forecast, and it could change, but for now it sounds pretty good! Remember your fishing licenses, if you don’t already have them. There are multiple bait and tackle shops in this area, so you can stop in and pick up some Lake of the Woods special lures. Bring both sunscreen and rain gear, as you never know what the weather will bring!

We still have lodge rooms available for this coming weekend, if you are still looking for lodging! Give us a call today!


Here is the latest satellite image from Sunday, May 4th, and as you can see, the satellite got interrupted for part of the image, but you can still see the important part in the corner. I will check later today to see if today’s passes provide any clean views.

May 4th MODIS today image

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