Fishing Report: 2-10-13

Greetings Fishermen!

For the most part, we avoided the big winter blast that went through yesterday. We got a few inches of snow, but nothing too major!

Fishing in the flats is about the same as it has been for the past month or so. People are marking fish, but they are being finicky and not biting. Fish out deep, 30-34 feet, use gold, orange, pink, or any gold colors. If you have them, electronics can be very helpful in catching those suspended fish. Mixed bag of sauger, walleye, and tulibee. Some big northerns are being caught as well. Best bet is to go mobile and find the fish, instead of waiting for the fish to come to you. Some houses have great luck, catching up to 90+ a day, while others remain slow. Sometimes even moving your house a couple hundred yards deeper can do the trick!

The reefs are still producing good numbers of walleye and sauger. Our guests are limiting out and going home happy! The Lindy Flyer, Buckshots, Scoobie Snacks, and Stop Lights are doing well out there. Pink, orange, gold, and glow colors are the tried and true way to go! No question though, the reefs are the place to be right now.

Are you looking to get out on the ice this weekend? We would like to take you fishing! While we don’t have any lodging left, we have many open spaces this weekend for fishing the reefs Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday!

Give us a call to book your next fishing adventure for this weekend, today, before spots run out!


Photo is of Vern Snitker holding his 24″ walleye!

Vern Snitker 24 Fish








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