Fishing Report: 4-2

Good Afternoon Fishermen!

Whoa! What a storm! After it was all said and done, we ended up with about 18″ of snow. We’re plowed out now, but as you can see whatever we had melted away in the last weeks has been very quickly replaced!

The morning and evening bite has been good, in 15-20′ along the Canadian line. Adrian’s Road has been plowed out to Pine Island only, and that is all the farther it is going (due to a very large, very impassable drift). At this time there is no vehicle traffic on the lake, snowmobiles, sled dogs, or track vehicles only. Perch numbers have been increasing up on the reefs. It is highly recommended to have a GPS as most of the snowmobile trail stakes have been removed. As of yesterday, the Rainy River was open about 8 miles east of Birchdale. The Kuttes Access at Pelland had only a thin layer of shore ice that had blown in yesterday.

We are looking forward to spring, and a couple of warm days to reduce some of this newly acquired snow! There is still time to get some ice fishing in! We’ve had a lot of calls for this weekend, so if you are thinking about coming up, call soon!

Snow Day

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