Fishing Report: 4-7

Good morning fishermen!

Spring has sprung! (See, this picture shows just how springy it is here at the Wigwam!) The snow is melting, the geese are flying, the river is opening, I can hear birds chirping through the windows… And we still have a ton of ice on the lake!

There is still a lot of good ice on the Lake yet. There are some slushy spots, and as well as some standing water in places. If you can get out to the Graceton Beach area, the structure there, on the edges 20-22ft, you should do well fishing. Move over to the Morris Gap in 16-18′ from about 6:30 pm until dark, and you should do well. Morris Gap area isn’t that slushy yet. Northerns are biting in Four Mile Bay, and should pick up quickly as we warm up.

We’re still saying not to bring your four wheelers yet, unless you have tracks on them. Snowmobiles or tracked vehicles until more of the snow goes down.

There is officially open water at Franz Jevne, and there are open spots at Birchdale. It’s opening quickly with the warmth and the sun we’ve had. Quite a few fishermen are using the Kuttes Access at Pelland.

We have great spring lodging rates for all of your late ice and river fishing needs! Only $28.50 per person, per night! Our bar is open, and we have a great bar menu available! Stop in and see us!

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