Fishing Report 4-8-13

Greetings Fishermen!

Boats, boats, and more boats! But don’t forget the ice!

Tanya 27

Birchdale now has both lanes open to big boats, Frontier is open to big boats, and they are pushing boats out over the shore ice at Vidas, which is quickly fading as well. Vidas should be open in the next few days.

As for the fishing, we are getting varied reports. Some boats are pulling in a ton of fish, while others are struggling. Orange, yellow, and gold jigs seem to be the ticket with┬álive rainbows. The current is not super strong so you won’t need a really heavy jig. A controlled drift through 15-18 feet of water should put you on some fish. There were a lot of good reports from down by Clementson.

Ice fishing. Yes! We are still ice fishing. The roads are getting sloppy with the strong spring sun, and slightly warmer temperatures. Heard a report of 30+ inches of ice with a foot and a half snow pack remaining. It is still iffy to go off trail without tracks, so beware of that before bringing your ATV. The walleye bite has seemingly picked up in the last week or so out on the ice. People are coming in shallow, 15-18 feet of water, and are pulling in a few fish. North of Pine Island, Lighthouse Gap, Morris Gap, and over near Long Point, have all been producing well. Morning and late afternoon bite are a bit stronger. The pike are biting in shallow, 4-10 feet, and live bait seems to be more effective than dead bait. The reports on the pike are varied, overall a bit slow, but people are still icing some big gators.

Wigwam Resort is open to you during this Rainy River open water/Lake of the Woods ice season, and offers hot food, cold drinks, and a great atmosphere! Swing in after your long day of fishing and warm up, and wind down!

Give us a call to book your fishing adventure!

Picture is of Tanya Warnke, holding her 27″ walleye caught near Clementson on Sunday.


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