Fishing Report: 7-9

Greetings Fishermen!

We had a beautiful 4th of July weekend! Yes, it was hot, but guess what? We have a lake right out our front door to jump into! Today we get a bit of relief from the heat with a much needed rain shower! Grow gardens, grow!

Fishing has been pretty darn good over the past few days! Our guys headed up to Starrin Shoals to fish on the rubble yesterday. They pulled salmon colored spinners in about 30′ of water, and did amazing. They also pulled bottom bouncers with crawlers. When I asked if they went anywhere else, they said, “we didn’t have to”. That says enough right there!

This weekend is our 22nd Annual Beach Bash party! We are so excited to host this event, and so excited to see you here! We still have room, so call us and book your room before they’re gone! This year we are offering DD’s! Locals can get a room for $20 per person, so they don’t have drive! Remember, we also have a campground so break out your tents!

Make your reservation with the Wigwam Resort, today, to experience beautiful Lake of the Woods, and the best walleye fishing in the world!


Photo is of Carol Heyl, and her 24″ walleye. Her FIRST walleye ever, by the way!

Carol Heyl


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