Fishing/Ice Report: 12-23

Good afternoon fishermen!

Well, it’s another really cold day. My car told me it was 25 below zero on my way in to work today. Tomorrow, we should be up to around 10 degrees ABOVE zero, with a little light snow.

Depending on who you talk to, folks are either fishing, or they’re catching. Those who are catching are sifting through a lot of little guys to get their keepers, and the occasional slot fish. We’re mostly fishing between 22-28 feet of water, although I’ve heard a lot of guys having luck out a little deeper, 30-34 feet. The bite has been pretty spotty with the high pressure system coming through. Pink and green glow jigs have been effective. Tip with a whole minnow.

Ice Report: The ice is still hovering around the 16″ mark on the lake. Here is the latest from Adrian’s Resort on vehicle allowance for their ice road: “We are allowing mid size vehicles not pulling wheel houses and atvs with wheel houses up to 17 feet long. Some of the resorts are out there with plow trucks in order to get there work done. This does not mean you can drive your truck. If we crack up the trail in the bay we can not just move over like we do on a normal year on early ice because there is slush areas off to the side in the bay. Everybody be patient we will open the road when we feel that it will not screw it up for everyone.”

For up to date ice conditions, and fishing reports, give us a call at 1-800-448-9260.

Pictures are from Jesse Wendorf, and his dad, on their recent fishing trip. Jesse with 2, 23″ walleyes, and his dad with a 29″ northern.

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