“Ice” Report: 11-18

Good morning fishermen!

We have been in the midst of some wintery weather! There is a couple inches of the white stuff on the ground, and a bit of ice sitting on the water! Now, don’t get too excited, it’s just a bit of ice, and, no, you cannot fish on it yet! 

It’s about 20 degrees right now, and aside from tomorrow (high of 38) we will be below freezing for at least the next 10 days! That means ice, and ice means ice fishing! We are getting closer!

Does anybody have a guess as to when the first brave soul will venture out onto the ice? Remember, we as ice fishermen are often crazy. 

Don’t forget to call and reserve your fishing trip soon! We are booking up quickly! Give us a call today and find out what kind of great special we can offer you!



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