Fishing Report 3-26-13

Greetings Fishermen!

We still have ice! We still have a lot of ice, and a lot of snow. We have had some warm, melty days though! The 10 day forecast looks to be promising for some major melting as well! I have heard through the grapevine, that the Rainy is now open just 5 miles east of Birchdale.

The fishing report hasn’t really changed much since last week. If you’re fishing the mud, it’s spotty, probably slow. If you’re fishing up by the Bridge’s reefs, you’re probably doing pretty darn well. We still have houses out there, but we are planning on pulling all of our houses back to the resort on Sunday. From what I hear, we will be one of the very last resorts out there!

It’s certainly the time of year for northern fishing and I’ve heard a few guests talking about some of the big ones they’re pulling out of the ice. Shallow, 4-12 feet of water, live bait, and your legs warmed up to run to your tip up, and you should have yourself some nice pike!

Wiggles 30 sizedIt’s amazing that our ice season has finally come to a close, and we want to thank each and every one of you that chose us to guide you through your Lake of the Woods fishing adventure! We hope that if you enjoyed us during the ice fishing season, you will come back and try us in the summer!

Picture is of one of our guides, Shane “Wiggles” Burke, with his 30″ walleye, caught Friday up near Bridges.

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