Karaoke Contest!

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Wigwam Resort is hosting a karaoke contest this summer!

We will have one contest day a month, starting in May, going through September. We will start with 25 contestants and each round only a select few will move on, all the way down to three for the final! Those three contestants will sing their hearts out for some AWESOME prizes! Think….a very fun trip with a musical theme! If you are interested in signing up, email Liz at elizabethgale@live.com, or call her at the resort, 218-634-2168.
If you are interested in being a non-biased judge, let Liz know that as well!

Big Dipper DJ and Karaoke will be providing the music and karaoke services for these events!

Contest dates are held on Sundays, as follows:
1st Round-May 19th
2nd Round-June 16th
3rd Round-July 7th
4th Round-August 18th
Final Round-September 15th

Rules and regulations will be posted soon, as well as on our website. Contest is open to locals and non-locals alike!

Space is limited to 25 people, so sign up soon!

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